Ohlums Clinic & Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd

Ohlums Clinic & Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd -are the pioneers in Sri Lanka in the field of medical examinations for foreign employment. Established in 1982 solely for the purpose of medically screening migrant workers, our primary aim was to prevent medically unfit migrant workers traveling to the employing countries thereby greatly minimizing the deportations which resulted in financial losses and other inconveniences to the recruiting agents of both countries and the relevant authorities in the countries concerned. The candidates who pass the medical screening and investigations are, advised and guided on adhering to the religious and cultural requirements of the employing country and the females are counselled on family planning.

We are happy to ensure that all those who seek our services will pass the stringent medical tests in the employing countries due to the accuracy of our investigations by highly experienced and qualified personnel

Our services are also aimed at caring about the candidate’s physical well-being and mental condition which are extremely important in determining their ability to withstand the stress of adapting to sometimes drastic changes of culture and environment, and the depressing loneliness of being away from their loved ones for two to three years at a stretch, especially for the first timers, and more so for those with little children.

Our Objectives
01. To ensure that a thorough Management
  Program is adopted to RULE OUT Every
  possibility of Unsuitable recruits entering all
  foreign countries.
02. To ensure that first objective is achieved by
  giving an "Accuracy Guaranteed" status to
  the Test Reports issued.
Our Facilities
01. Fully Air Conditioned Clinic, easily accessible and
  situated in one of the most central locations in
  the City of Colombo.
02. Examination and Consultation Chambers
03. X-ray Department for all Radiological requirements
  with Radiologist report.
04. Fully equipped Automated & computerized
  Laboratory with trained technicians.
List of Countries receiving medicals from Us
01. Australia
02. Austria
03. Bahrain
04. Beirut
05. Cyprus
06. Doha Qatar
07. Greece
Our Emphasis is mainly on….
01. Clinical Investigations of communicable diseases
02. Radiological
03. Physical Examination
04. Check up
05. Referrals to specialists
06. Counseling
07. Medication
Laboratory investigations
01. H.I.V. 1,2 & 3 Antibody Test
02. T.P.H.A
03. V.D.R.L
04. Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
05. Hepatitis C Surface Antigen
06. Filarial Antibody Test
07. Malaria Parasite
Board of Directors
  Ms. N. Imtheyaz Ovais
  Ms. F. Imra Latiff
Panel of Medical Personnel
  Dr. (Mrs) Bamini Nareinthirran
  Dr. Wasantha Sathkorala
  Dr. Mohomed Rizan Badurdeen